The Drug Dependency

Everywhere we look, we can’t deny we see drugs everywhere. From pharmaceuticals to distribution of illegal amphetamines out on the street, they are quite literally everywhere. We are a drug dependent society. We are constantly ingesting these drugs without even thinking about it twice, we take the prescription to the pharmacy and happily take them. What happens when you have a headache? You go to your drawer or pills and take out an Ibuprofen and swallow it. Some people think they can’t function without the use of drugs, this thought process is the same for mostly everyone in the collective United States.


Many people are addicted and need sleeping pills. One of my friends back in California, Tyreese, was an insomniac, just like his dad and great grandad. So what do doctors do when they diagnose us as an insomniac? Maybe some physical treatment? Maybe some techniques to put you on your sleep pattern again? No, they prescribe you pills that you will take every night before bed and that’s it. This will temporarily fix your problem, as the pills will cease to work as your body will grow accustom to it. Even Tyreese started getting tired of just taking some pills to fix his sleeping problems as they were beginning to wear thin and affect his daily mood. So he went in the next week but the doctors just kept giving him a different brand of sleeping pills, they just kept prescribing him different doses and brands. As individually diverse people, we have our problems we face. Sometimes the doctors and physicians don’t have enough time in their day to help each person individually so they give us drugs. I feel like if this wasn’t the case, then drugs wouldn’t be as easy to acquire. Then we wouldn’t be looking for the next fix of Ibuprofen for a very mild head cold and just let it run it’s natural course. Even I don’t go for the nearest pain reliever, I wait it out. We don’t need to bombard our bodies with pills when our bodies were specifically built to last us our entire lives. Let things run their course and stop being dependent on drugs as if it’s a crutch.


This problem stems ever deeper than just Tyreese. However, from watching him struggle with with sleeping medication, I’ve come to an even better understanding of this whole drug dependency. I realized that actual help is not available anymore. Thinking back I honestly felt enraged that my friend wasn’t getting the actual help he needed, and that is for the doctor to really listen to his problem and understand he doesn’t want more pills, more doses or whatever, he just wanted to be listened to. Maybe an alternative to his problem, but he wasn’t getting anything but the most simplistic solution to when someone asks for help; narcotics. In this day and age, the easiest, most accessible resource are narcotics.  Since these are very easy to acquire and they can easily make us “feel good”, it would make sense that people resort to drug use. The more accessible an item is, the more the item will be used, that’s just common sense.


Many of my friends engage in one common illegal drug. This specific drug has many names: the devils lettuce, the fungus off of satan’s toe, Cannabis Indica or more commonly known as Marijuana. Now to spare their names, I won’t use this specific friends name so I’ll just call him Shane. I’ve known Shane for about 4 years now, and 2 out of those 4 he has been smoking weed everyday as if it’s now a ritual. It isn’t just once every day either, it’s a copious amount. Now every time I hang out with him or anything, he’s higher than Amir’s kite in the Kite Runner. I don’t necessarily care about what he does since I ain’t that clean either, but when you start spending hundreds of dollars each week for the next quantity demand, that’s when I began piecing it together and came to the conclusion that our society is drug dependent. I acknowledge I may sound like a broken record at this point, but so do most people who come to this same conclusion. I know I don’t have my hands clean by any means necessary, I too have had similar experiences with these types of drugs. However, from these experiences I was able to mold and grow my own understanding of the situation, and now I’m also hearing about middle schoolers already smoking weed and drinking alcohol.


Our society has began using the drug excuse as a third leg; a crutch that we all fall onto. Now I’m not saying that all drug use is bad for instance the people with cancer obviously need them to prolong their lives, this is just an observation I have had. I have no prejudice to people who use drugs, no natural born hatred for them. I’m just trying to get my point across once again; our society is drug dependant. I’m not sure what this means for the future of the world of people. One thing I do know is that our future can be changed for better or for worse, there is no gray area in this arena. Had Tyreese gotten helped his condition may have been better off today, maybe if my friend didn’t constantly smoke the ganja he could concentrate in class and get better grades. In the end, it’s up to people to amend their habits, even if they admit they have a problem or not.


Throw a Kit Kat on the ground, just dropped some bars

So everybody all of a sudden just deciding to rap and just try to rhyme. I was reading Austin’s Resident Evil rap, then there’s Alex’s blog and then Caleeb and now everybody just doing something with rap so I’ve decided to make a rap song dedicated to my appreciation of Huggies Diapers. Am I gonna get blog points for this? I ain’t sure but I got some Kit Kat bars to drop like they was Fish Filet’s. So here we go:


” Here I am sitting on my couch, To the right of me is a bag of Huggies chilling in a pouch, I use them every time I got a potty mouth, I can back my crap up even when it go south. Every time I wear them I feel so good about myself, but my mama wanna beat me and get me some help. She don’t understand my passion for diapers ranging from the age of eight, for all them skinny boys and girls and the overweight, you don’t gotta eat your veggies to wear these so keep that pizza on your plate. And while your eating that cheesy filled crust, just do your business and bust, we gonna hear you tinkling so of course we gonna shush. I can hear the droplets hit the sides of the cotton, wear them huggies proud and keep on flaunting”.

There y’all go.

Pros and Cons of the Food Industry

Throughout the entire third quarter, I have read many articles on the Industrial Food System and watched many documentaries stating on how the system is flawed but somehow is still in effect. Even the Farm Bill has so many issues yet it’s still being used today and it was first conceived during the Dust Bowl. There are so many things to take into account when talking about the food industry today and the majority is in the gray area. So to break it all down, I have to take apart the pros and cons and even touch on the gray area, so I’ll start with the pros and move on from there In order to talk about the food system, I need to talk about the Farm Bill.


So according to an article by The Week titled Farm Subsidies: A welfare program for agribusiness, the farm bill is very controversial because over the last decade, the farm bill has cost taxpayers more than $168 billion. The program was meant to use loans, prices supports and payments to protect family farmers from harsh economic environments and to ensure affordable food. In reality however, the program keeps food prices high that cost consumers billions while funneling most of it is to aid giant businesses and wealthy farmers. The most gut wrenching part is that 75 percent of total subsidies actually get distributed to the biggest ten percent of farming companies like Archer Daniels Midland or Pilgrim’s Pride Corp. Then there are the farmers who are actually well off, despite droughts and high temperatures they have actually enjoyed crop-production and prices. Most farmers are actually wealthier than the average american whose household income is $87,289 in a statistical research done back in 2011. This all sounds good and looks like the economy is in for a boost, but the farm bill also pays people to NOT grow crops in order to avoid oversupply that would drive food prices down. This is why the farm bill is considered a idea that was conceived by pure evil.


So one of the good things about the food industry today is that poverty has actually declined. According to the New York Times articles titled 50 years later, War on Poverty is a Mixed Bag, the federal government and the food industry has succeeded in preventing the poverty rate from climbing far higher. Looking back at the 1980’s, there was always food shortages and scarcities, but today there is so much food being produced and that comes out to supply and demand. The more we demand for food, the more we get. I can walk around the block and find a McDonalds and buy a burger for one dollar. I can criticize the food industry all I want but even I can’t look past the point that many people are being fed because of how business is being done today. They make the food cheaper so we will come back and buy their cheap product but no one bats an eye if it fills up our stomachs and if it costs us under ten dollars.


However if you look at the other side of the spectrum of this, then you too will realize that due to the cheapness of the food industry that they are purposely making healthy food choices much more expensive. In the video of Food Stamped, they filmed the man who heavily relies on food stamps and he could only purchase the cheap fat foods instead of broccoli which costed more than a burger. Even bottled water was more than the 12 pack coke. This just shows that the food industry is messed up in many ways, purposefully feeding us these inexpensive things so we come back for more. Hardly anyone goes to fruit aisle in a store anymore because it’s above their household income. Then the couple in the video tried to get by using a minimum wage income and they found out that they could barely get by just by buying healthy alternatives to the junk people usually go for. There is an argument that supply and demand make the food prices go down, but if they made the prices for veggies and fruits a little bit lower then people would actually purchase them.


Earlier on in the 3rd quarter of my econ class, we watched a video called Food Inc. where they also showed the treatment of the animals before they were slaughtered. Now, I love meat as the next guy, I even wrote a blog on how being vegan is wrong, but they way these animals were treated were just awful. They force fed the chickens corn so they would grow up bigger in half the time it would naturally take them, they were so big they couldn’t even walk on their own anymore. They wobbled and fell, their little bodies weren’t accustomed to such harsh punishments and unnatural growth. Then I saw a cow being carried on a forklift and just being prepped for slaughter. Besides the treatment of the animals, even the farmers were being treated horribly. A farmer woke up at four in the morning and went outside to tend to his crops and realized that Monsanto had sent out agents to tail him and make sure he didn’t use their genetically modified seeds. As I said before, farmers are well off in terms of money, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t being paid to not speak of their horrible working conditions.


There are pros and cons to everything. The food industry is good in terms of somewhat limiting poverty and being able to pay our farmers to work harder and make sure they are well off, but then we turn our back and don’t realize that not only are the farmers being mistreated, but so are the animals we are consuming care-free. The articles and videos I had seen really opened my eyes, my back isn’t turned away from this problem anymore. Of course there are flaws in our food system that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible, but I can’t deny there are certain aspects I do like. Overall, there are more cons than pros, so that really just shows how big of a role the farm bill has played in our everyday lives and those farmers. Hopefully when they re-advise the farm bill within the next five years, they can address these issues and finally gain a sense of leveling between big corporations like Tyson and the modern day farmer.

Civilization;What it means to me

What does it mean to be civilized? This question has been the main subject in our English class two quarter’s, and truthfully there was a varied opinion on this definition the first time we had to discuss this. Many different interpretations, yet there was a very similar ideology amongst my peers. In The Heart of Darkness, written by Joseph Conrad, he explores the depth and intrigue of society. Heart of Darkness tells the tale of a young seaman named Marlow telling a group of friends of his adventure, his voyage that had forever changed him; a voyage that led him straight into the heart of darkness. Also, that certain civilizations look down on other civilizations that they think are less than them. Joseph Conrad dwells into the both sides of the spectrum; what behavior is civil and what is uncivil, how this book discusses the underbelly of delusion. Joseph Conrad shows that groups in the colonial period that self identified as civilized were just hypocrites.  There are a variety of instances that happen in the book that give me a reason to believe my perspective.


For example on page 62, there is a passage that points out how they look at other ethnicities, how they let their ignorance take over. They look at them as if they are monsters, that if they ever took them in, it would be as slaves so they can save them from their retched way of life. That is just not true however, as they are as civilized as anyone else, and that the way they perceive and treat the africans is highly hypocritical when what they do to them is done out of prejudice.

…a slight clinking behind me made me turn my head. Six black men advanced in a file, toiling up the path. They walked erect and slow, balancing small baskets full of earth on their heads, and the clink kept time with their footsteps. Black rags were around their loins, and the short ends behind waggled to and fro like tails.

Some civilizations look down on other civilizations. Based on the color of their skin, the clothes they choose to wear, since they don’t seem “civil”, they immediately think they are savages, they are far less superior. When Marlow talks about their “tails”, he is implying they are no different than monkeys or animals, when he analyzes their stance, he is surprised they walk like the rest of them, yet they are so different in skin and societies standards.  Since they didn’t measure up to their code of measure, they were labeled as nothing but specks of dirt beneath their boots.


In the middle section of the book, Marlow was beginning to see the world for the way it was. He hasn’t fully realized it yet, but his doubts consist that maybe it isn’t them; maybe they were the evil ones. Another example of Conrad’s commentary on the fine line between civil and uncivil is the passage on page 91. “It was unearthly, and the men were–No, they were not inhuman. Well, you know that was the worst of it, this suspicion of their not being inhuman.” This part spoke out extensively. This part is where we see Marlow truly grow as a character than the man in the beginning of the book. The last line where Marlow points out his suspicion that these “savages” might just be regular people by stating his suspicion whether or not they actually are human; he;s scared to admit that his view and his peers view on them might just be wrong.  Marlow’s reflection on the way they treat and see the african americans is a vivid commentary on the age old question “What does it mean exactly to be civil”, and Conrad clearly answers by symbolically saying it is when we can contribute to better each other and not judge prematurely, yet these men choose to dwell blindly in hypocrisy.


These white men are absolutely infatuated with the fact that they are living on some holy plane. They truly believe they have been sent by god himself to help civilize these savages, these inbred hooligans who couldn’t tell the difference between their own feces and food. For example on page 111, there’s a passage pertaining to them being seen as gods.

“He began with the argument that we whites, from the point of development we had

arrived at, must necessarily appear to them [savages] in the nature of supernatural

beings–we approach them with them with the might as of a deity, and so on and so on.”

This passage just shows how they looked down onto these so called “savages”. When he says that they must approach the african americans in the nature of a supernatural being– a deity, this indicates how blindsided they are about their own perception on who they are and what they must be seen as to other people of different skins and cultures. If someone disagrees with that, if they don’t feel graced by their “holy” presence than they are the ignorant ones who need to be civilized. To compare yourself to a supernatural entity is one thing, but comparing yourself to a deity, a god, then acting like a savage and taking advantage of them is the complete opposite of a good deed. They are acting hypocritical, going against the aim of what a deity is suppose to do.


Joseph Conrad has raised many questions in this book, but there was always one familiar theme that was always carefully implied. The men back in the colonial period weren’t civilized, the most one can identify them as are a bunch of hypocrites. All these different examples, them acting as god but acting the complete opposite, doubting their positions on the “savages” and all that. Joseph Conrad clearly demonstrates on how these guys play themselves, how they go against their ideologies. They are hypocrites, they are the real savages and they are as real as any other person that has ever existed.

Urbanization’s impact on the world

Urbanization destroys natural resources which actually reduces the quality of life in the cities. Urbanization has always been a common thing amongst us humans, it’s how we figure we should expand, progress and grow, but we never really take into consideration how urbanization destroys all of Earth’s natural resources which can drastically reduce the quality of life in cities. With all these natural resources being depleted, this is mutually affecting regular city dwellers and the city itself. So what kind of natural resources are we losing? Well, one of the key resources is forest, caused by deforestation.

Deforestation is the first example of destruction of natural resources. For example,  deforestation causes mass flooding in cities. Sure, damage is unpreventable when picking apart trees, but over the years, the damage levels are getting more and more intense. See the forest acts as sort of a sponge when there is rainfall, but without those lush leaves being able to soak up the water, flash floods are sure to occur and when they do, it is beyond hazardous. These floods affect local villages and tribes, but they can also affect the cities just as much. When the polluted water enters the cities, the pollution drains have to work overtime. As the water keeps bombarding the drains, the pressure keeps increasing and this actually threatens the viability of the city itself (Societal Implications: Pollution). So without a reasonable amount of the forest, this is hurting not just Earth, but us and millions of lives in the city.


Pollution is another societal implication caused by urbanization. For example, China is being polluted constantly; battling many environmental factors such as unclean air, acid rain, and contaminated water. What is causing all this? Believe it or not, it is actually all of the pollution. 40% of China is having to deal with the acid rain and 700 million chinese people drink contaminated water (Societal Implications: Pollution). Now, given China’s massive scale, this is not a small number and this is very deadly. Furthermore, in Brazil, the World Health Organization believes the heightened concentration of pollution was the cause of respiratory illness found in children which ultimately led to their deaths. Brazil has also been increasing the amount of hydroelectric dams because of their increasing need for energy and has left many ecosystems flooded and forced indigenous people to move, ruining their home life.


So what else is harming us? Is that the only extension of harm being bestowed upon us, or is there still more? The answer is that is doesn’t end there. Biodiversity loss is a huge factor in our resources.Animals and insects all contribute to keeping the world in balance; sort of a yin yang concept. If one species becomes endangered and/or extinct, this affects the anomaly of the Earth. With climate change, this is affecting everything. Consequently, this has led the world to be more prone to natural disasters. With all this loss of biodiversity, people will keep building newer and bigger cities, populations will grow, and even more problems will arise. Sanitation is going to play a key part, based on Global Impact Of Urbanization Threatening World’s Biodiversity And Natural Resources, studies are showing that by 2030, 60% of the population will be living in cities.That’s an estimated 2 billion people living in cities. Just think about how easy it would be for a plague or deadly virus to pass throughout the entire population, killing millions instantly. The virus or plague can be just as similar as the Black Plague, easily jumping from each individual to another with ease. This can lead to an extinction of an entire city . Let that sink in, an entire city, diseased and dying.

In the end, we can’t simply ignore the fact that urbanization is hurting us as much as people think it’s helping us expand. By us continuing this urbanization spree, what’s going to be left of the environment and how much further do we need to push our limited resources? All these floods, diseases and pandemics, these are indicators that we need to change things around, this is going to affect cities and the environment. Urbanization destroys natural resources, which in turn is harming our fellow cities and the inhabitants of the said cities.

The Butterfly Effect Essay

Me and my friend Gabriel Cruz hang out almost every weekend. However there was one instance in which we hung out and we both changed each other’s perspective on life as a whole, as intense as that sounds. This specific day we hung out was around the end of November leading into December so it was around a month after my court date and truthfully I was still reeling back and processing it all. I am not afraid to tell the reasoning as to why I went to court; I went to court because I was falsely accused of domestic violence from my ex-girlfriend who I had been dating at the time for ten months. Not to drag out the details and such I unfortunately didn’t win my case and that had impacted me mentally for months on end.


 When me and Cruz were hanging out, he noticed me acting strange and how I was much more inside my head. Truthfully I wasn’t fine to any degree and he knew that and he knew how much the whole court ordeal had an effect on me. He shifted the conversation and started talking about how got expelled from school and all that dumb stuff and his new girlfriend who he has now been dating for six months. We started talking about how they first met. She was new into town just coming in from California and he saw her at where he worked and just noticed how fine she was. She barely noticed him, she didn’t pay any attention to him and just brushed him off as a worker but he didn’t. Later that week he messaged her on Instagram and just told her how beautiful she was. Then he told me about her and I was convinced that it wasn’t going to go anywhere, but evidently six months later I was very wrong. My point is that Gabe was talking about how everything happens for a reason, for better or for worse there is no point in wallowing in self pity over something you can’t control.


After that brief little history lesson, we decided to go get some ice cream at Baskin Robbins. I ordered the Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, my personal favorite, but even then it felt like my taste buds were in a dilapidated state; my brain still re-living the day at where I sat in court completely dumbfounded. I took a lick of the ice cream but it was like my consciousness was somewhere else. Gabe and I walked out of Baskin Robbins and he suggested we just sit on the steps and talk, the night was cool enough so I agreed. We sat there in silence for about five minutes until I decided to talk, that me bottling it all up isn’t helping anybody, and that is where my perspective on life as a whole was changed.   


I told him that I wasn’t quite sure why everything happened the way it did. No closure or anything like that, just to be legally restricted from someone who I invested so much time in. I explained to him on I’ve been examining all the factors that may have contributed to the whole court case and maybe it could have been avoided, maybe there were times if I took alternative routes then the whole situation wouldn’t have happened. He said that everything already happened, I can examine it from every angle but not get anywhere. He wasn’t even sure why it all happened. 15 minutes passed by until I realized: Everything happened for a reason. I turned to him and told him if he never got expelled, he would have never met his current girlfriend, then he wouldn’t be six months into a relationship now and stuff. I realized that the court thing happened, and me wallowing isn’t helping nobody. I told him everything in life is part of the butterfly effect and he looked so amazed and intrigued. Then I explained the concept of the butterfly effect, how everything affects something. Each decision in life is connected by an infinite number of branches, branching out from every decision we have ever made. Even little decisions like if you wanted a sip of water now or later. The butterfly effect had a big effect on me, but not only me but everyone living and breathing on this planet. Also, dead people but that’s because their now dead. Each little decision counted up to the court date and the hearing, each decision Gabe made eventually contributed to the factor of why he got expelled but now has a job and a girlfriend he is genuinely happy with. It’s in the past, the dominoes have already fallen and there is no point in me trying to pick them up and re-adjust them.

We sat there for 30 more minutes eating the ice cream in silence and he told me that everything really does happen for a reason.

E-doping(Bummer P.H.D)

So Dr. Pollard told me to write my next blog on e doping since my last post was on drug use in sports. So why not take some advice from Emcee PHD Matt. So basically for those of y’all who don’t know what e-doping is, it’s basically hidden motors in bicycle races. I think that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. I talked about steroid use and all and how that isn’t safe, but even though this is somewhat safe it still ain’t right. Speaking of right, the motors bump there speed from 150 to 200 watts to 300 or 350 watts. That means they just zoom by diddling their thumbs while the dopers scourge past them. So in my honest and possibly the best opinion, e-doping is bad. I’ll resume my next paragraph after this sentence because I’m just trying to get to 400 words to pass this blog, but here we go.


Recently in Russia, world boxing champion Evgeny Gradovich was found doping. The idiot was e-doping and expected NOT to get caught. Dr. Pollard himself told me that they developed an app where they can instantly inspect your bike for the motor and when they do, you in deeper sh*t  than Jared Fogle and his goal to give the children of America his footlong. Wait nevermind, Evgeny was found just doping, not e-doping but I’m to lazy to erase my sentence above, but still.  Istvan Varjas is the man they think first invented these kinds of motors and introduced the world of e-doping, but there is no actual evidence unfortunately. I think e-doping is much more of an evil than regular doping because when you dope, you are doing something physical I guess, but with e-doping you are legitimately doing nothing. The machine is doing it. Sure I guess steroids also does the majority of the work too, but y’all know what I mean. Just mindlessly follow my blog because I’m Chandi. There are a lot of blurred lines, there are gray areas and more black and white, you can never tell where the line actually differentiates between this topic.


There is also thermal technology that can help identify where the motor is located, so you can’t hide it. Just like Jared Fogle before he tried hiding his stash, but look what happened there. Long story short, e-doping is bad and I advise to not do it.